Chennai ECR – Polachery

Chennai ECR – Polachery


Polachery, located near Semmancheri, attracts everyone for a weekend getaway. Polachery lake is the major attraction in Polachery and it is sorrounded by Quarry.

A scenic drive from the ECR. Polachery, situated at a distance of 35KMs from Chennai Central from Chennai, known widely for the adventerous spot where you can breath the fresh air, deep-swimming, cycling, a complete combination for a perfect spot in Chennai to spend the weekend. 

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Uthandi – ECR – Kelambakkam – Rathinamangalam – Vengadamangalam, Tamil Nadu – Polachery

This lake is also widely known as Natural Swimming Pool in Chennai. This place is most used by Trekkers, so if you are a trekker add this place in your bucket list in Chennai for a perfect visit. 

This place is one of the safest place for women’s to swim. A place to spend with your family without any hesitations.

Polachery lake – Click hereTo know more about this lake.

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