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With Love from Ajay Kumar (@ajay_kumar_01)

Working 9 to 6 daily, riding motorcycles is one of the best ways of having my own freedom. Whatever my mood was, the moment I start my bike, I will only think about good times.  

Call it is magic or superstitious belief, but if you ride a bike you will definitely understand that bikes definitely mean freedom and happiness.

It was two years ago when Anwar from your team invited me for the grand opening of the Kun BMW Motorrad showroom. Without having any expectations about the bikes there I attended it. I had the chance to see all the bikes up close except for the show stopper, the s1000rr. That day as y’all know many people were surrounding it.

I had the urge to see it personally and visited the showroom on a quiet Sunday afternoon. I was lucky enough to sit on it and turn it on. That was the very moment I knew that it was the bike I needed. With all the paper work done, I had it delivered along with my brothers and family. From day 1, the bike has never ceased to amaze me. I still wonder how can something be so beautiful and powerful at the same time.

The bike and me have bonded well. Though I’ve not done much on the Odo, every single mile on it has brought me smiles worth a lifetime. Happy to have made the right choice.

Thank you AJAY KUMAR and we look forward to many more years of riding together.

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