BMW Motorrad Safari – Ride to Coorg

BMW Motorrad Safari - Ride to Coorg

BMW Motorrad Safari – Ride to Coorg was organized by BMW KUN Motorrad, Chennai.

A ride covering close to 1200 KMs (Both ways) from Chennai – Coorg – Chennai.


Day 1 of the ride is all about riding to Coorg from Chennai. Started early at 5 AM, and reached Coorg at 7 PM. On a total, we took 5 brakes, inclusive of Breakfast, Lunch and other 3 short brakes.

Day 2 – After a refreshing night stay,  surrounded by the overlooking forests and rice paddies, our riders experienced the nature at its best.


Day 3 is all about exploring the Scotland land of India – Coorg!

Widely known for its exquisite climate, wildlife sanctuary and more.

Day 4 – Heading back from Coorg to Chennai!

That was indeed a good weekend spent in the hilly topography interspersed with grassy downs, paddy fields, sloping glades & gorges and deep valleys.

Mandatory Requirements:

  1. Any BMW Motorcycle
  2. Valid Driving License
  3. Riding Gears (Jackets, Boots, etc)

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