BMW Motorrad Safari – Ride to Ladakh

BMW Motorrad Safari to Ladakh

BMW Motorrad Safari - Ride to Ladakh

Do you know how to have a safe and thrilling ride on your motorcycle? Riding on the road is one thing, but taking on an adventure requires a different set of skill.

A truly exceptional journey, where we not only explored the highest motorable road, the breathtaking Pangong Lake, and the captivating Nubra Valley but also deeply immersed ourselves in the rich culture of Ladakh. Our BMW Motorrad enthusiasts joined on a remarkable adventure journey to one of the highest Motorrable Pass and conquered altitudes of 13,500 feet, setting the record for the highest-ever BMW Motorrad Meetup and embodied the spirit of ‘Make Life A Ride’ as they scaled altitudes of 17,500 feet – Khardung La Pass.

This documentary is a testament to the unwavering commitment and enthusiasm of our riders, who covered over 2000 KMs through some of the world’s most challenging terrains. As you watch the video, you’ll hear their heartfelt testimonials and witness their extraordinary experiences, encapsulating the very essence of the BMW Motorrad Safari to Ladakh – where we truly made life a ride.


Mandatory Requirements:

  1. Any BMW Motorcycle
  2. Valid Driving License
  3. Riding Gears (Jackets, Boots, etc)

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