Harish Kumar’s Story

Harish Kumar’s Story


BMW KUN Motorrad is here to share the riding stories from our beloved BMW Motorrad Riders. Here’s the story from Harish Kumar, know more below:-

With Love from Harish Kumar (@harishrossi )

Harish has ridden motorcycles all over the world and has ridden over 6,00,000 km. We caught up with him and spoke about his passion for riding motorcycles and his thoughts on BMWs – every ride is an absolute pleasure. 

I ride because it makes me happy and being on motorcycle has always been one of the most important things in life..

There are lot more I would like to say but I don’t think all my emotions can be expressed through written words.” “BMW motorcycles are some of the best bikes I have ridden because there is not a single place till date where I have faced issues or breakdown in the middle of a journey.

Although the rides are extreme: hot conditions or cold conditions, the bike is always friendly and comfortable on long tours even on a sports bike like the s1000rr. The braking is at its best and the combination with electronics make it brilliant to ride.

I have ridden over 50,000+ kms so far on BMW motorcycles and every ride is an absolute pleasure and incredible fun..

Thank you Harish Kumar and we look forward to many more years of riding together.

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