Pranesh’s Story

Pranesh’s Story


BMW KUN Motorrad is here to share the riding stories from our beloved BMW Motorrad Riders. Here’s the story from Pranesh, know more below:-

With Love from Pranesh (@praneshjs)

“The story dates back to 2017 – Owning an inline four super bike has been a dream since my childhood. Adventure sport was the only choice of bike which would suit me because of my height. I had only few options.  

Three years ago, I’d been to BMW showroom to ask if S1000XR was available in India and to my surprise, it was in the display.

In 2018, I was in kerala for a trip and was interested to know if the motor sport color was available in India and i saw the same color in the display and found out that it was a limited colour option. After a year of planning and waiting I’ am with her counting miles…

Thanks to KUN Motorrad, Coimbatore for delivering the bike as promised.

Thank you Pranesh and we look forward to many more years of riding together.

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