Prasanna Story

Prasanna Story


BMW KUN Motorrad is here to share the riding stories from our beloved BMW Motorrad Riders. Here’s the story from Prasanna, know more below:-

With Love from Prasanna (@prasanna_boss_)

Bike riding is my passion, when I am on the ride all I feel is the harmony of the engine in tune with my heart and a desire to go places.  

My BMW s1000rr is not for speed, not for thrill, but the pleasure it brings is like a breath of fresh air. Most rides I have been on my s1000rr I have never felt apart, always so deeply connected to it.

I wish there is somewhere in the world where we can ride 24/7. I have covered most parts of India.

I completed K2K (Kanyakumari to Kashmir) in 2019. My next mission is to cover most parts of the world. Starting NZ , fingers crossed…hopefully in 2020.

Thank you Prasanna and we look forward to many more years of riding together.

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