Pondicherry is the first thing which comes to people’s mind when they think of a weekend one day trip from Chennai. Be it a bus ride or a car ride, it is always awesome to travel through the Scenic East Coast Road along the east coast of Tamil Nadu.

A Bike Ride from Chennai to Puducherry:-

Route – Chennai Thiruvanmiyur – Mahabalipuram – Puducherry

Starting at 7. am in the morning and after filing up petrol proceed towards tiruvanmiyur to enter the East Coast Road. Should have at least 5 pit stops in between. So our first pit stop was at Hot Chips, palavakkam to finish our Breakfast. After finishing our breakfast we proceeded with our journey. The bike ride was scenic starting from view of Bay of Bengal, lush green rice fields and fishing villages. Stop at Mutukadu to take pictures of lush green paddy fields which is a rare sight in the East Coast Road. The  first place to visit was the awesome ruins of Sadras Dutch Fort – Vengapakkam – ECR 

To reach the East Coast Road you have to travel through the Kalpakkam Township. And you will never regret that this stretch will be the best part in your entire travel. The Kalpakkam township consists of residential apartments, schools, colleges, hospitals, temples, churches, military area, township hall and finally the Department of Atomic Energy.

Proceed towards the ECR and you will find the magnificent spot – Alamparai Fort ruins – Alamparai Fort and dock yard was built Muslim Rulers during 1700’s and was under the control of the Nawabs of Carnatic. The fort is in the shape of a square and was built with bricks and lime mortar. Coming out of Alamparai Fort, take the ECR and proceed to wards Pondicherry which is about 50 km from Alamparai Fort

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