Ram Kumar’s Story

Ram Kumar’s Story


BMW KUN Motorrad is here to share the riding stories from our beloved BMW Motorrad Riders. Here’s the story from Ram Kumar, know more below:-

With Love from Ram Kumar (@ramkuu)

Riding according to me is therapeutic . Hi ! I am Ramkumar Kanakarajan (@) Kanaxx. I am a musician by profession. 

I travel quite a lot. I get very little time for myself and when I do, I try and make it a point to ride to a nice destination with a few of my riding buddies if they are free or even just ride alone.

I was thinking of buying a bike about 2 years back and one of my friends and fellow rider @sriramtt told me to wait a bit as BMW was going to roll out a 4 valve single cylinder 300cc liquid cooled bike . I was soo looking forward to a test ride and had informed KUN BMW Motorrad that I want to test ride the g310r and once I rode it I knew it was THE BIKE

The minute I got the bike moving it felt weightless. The handling was incredible.I picked up the first 310r out of Chennai. And ever since then been in Love with the bike .

Love every bit of touring on this bike. And it definitely is a whole lotta fun on the street! It definitely does #MakeLifeaRide “

Thank you Ram Kumar and we look forward to many more years of riding together.

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