Surya Selvam’ Story

Surya Selvam’ Story


BMW KUN Motorrad is here to share the riding stories from our beloved BMW Motorrad Riders. Here’s the story from Surya Selvam, know more below:-

With Love from Surya Selvam (@surya7selvam)

I ride a BMW R1200R and it’s been 2 years of sheer riding pleasure. Four years ago, my dad and I spotted this bike on the road and were awestruck. 

He was very fascinated by its engineering design and unique boxer motor, which is the heart of this machine. We decided we had to get one when BMW Motorrad opens up here in India.

Two years later, without a test ride, we booked the bike and got it delivered. It was also my dad’s dream to own a shaft driven motorcycle like the R1200R. The R1200R comes under the roadster category and is super comfortable for city riding as well as cruising. The simple, elegant look and the trembling shake as you start the bike is what makes us enjoy it, and the ride feels amazing. The riding position, handling, punchy torque, braking and the smoothness it offers are some of the highlights of the R1200R. Another feature I admire is the colour scheme: Iced Chocolate Metallic.

My dad kick-started my passion for motorcycles through this classic BMW R1200R. The flat parallel twin engine is truly an engineering marvel. Though I haven’t clocked much on the odo, I have enjoyed each and every mile on this beautiful German machine.

Hoping for good rides in the future.I also thank KUN BMW Motorrad for sharing my Motorrad experience. Thanks, Surya Selvam”

Thank you SURYA SELVAM and we look forward to many more years of riding together.

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