Nandi Hills

Nandi Hills


Nandi Hills, or Nandidurg, is a hill fortress in the south Indian state of Karnataka. Known wide for its panoramic views and sunrise view from the hill top, hilltop Yoga Nandeeshwara Temple guarded by a huge statue of bull – NANDI.

Situated at a distance of about 355 km from Chennai, Nandi Hills is easily accessible by road. You can commute via the following route.

Route : Chennai CMBT – Kanchipuram – Nandi Hills



Kanchipuram is known for its traditional old-age temples, kanchipuram silk, ancient structures and historical legendary tales of its existence. On the way to Masinagudi, take a short break to worship the God and take home the essence of sprituality with you.

On the way to Nandi Hills, beware of the sharp turns and steepy road sides, barrieres at certain distance. Monkeys on the way to Nandi Hills are more aggressive and can be found on the roads, be careful about the presence of Monkeys. Entering into Nandi Hills, explore the hidden beauty of Sunrise, chirps of the birds, and the climatic conditions – cool weather.

Attractions near Nandi Hills:-

1) Tippus Drop 

2) Nandi Hills Sunrise View Point 

3) Yoga Nandheeshwara Temple 

4) Skandagiri Hills 

5) Nandi Temple 

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